Welcome to Wilder Boutique.

Welcome to my new website. Please bare with me, I’m not a technical person and this is a very new process for me.

I’m excited to build a community of people who hopefully share some of my same interests (or not😂) but most of all who enjoy the creative process that goes into both fine art and crafts. I’ve decided to finally launch my own website because 2020 has thrown us all a curveball.

Covid hit right as spring and summer fairs were starting. As a result all have been cancelled. This has left a huge void not only for me but all self employed artists. Aside from the obvious lack of income, I’ve found that I really miss interacting with patrons and selling in person. So I’m hoping that this website helps fill in the gap left by Covid. Plus I have way too much time on my hands. 


Hope you enjoy my site and I look forward to talking and working with you all. 
Lots of happy energy, Erika

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