About Me

This is Erika, owner/maker of Wilder Boutique. I’m a Midwest girl through and through. I grew up in Southern Indiana in the country where I was encouraged to run free and enjoy Mother Earth. Through my parents and their close friends I was exposed to a very artistic world. As someone who was always creating, I knew my career would always be art related. 

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BFA in Crafts (it’s a think 🤷‍♀️). My concentration was Jewelry. After graduating I spent the next 14 years working for a corporate jewelry company on the sales side. In fall 2017 I left my corporate job and while taking a period to decide what’s next, I started making. And making...

That lead to the art fair circuit which has been amazing. Love the community it provides and the freedom that comes with it. COVID has changed that in 2020 with most all shows cancelled. Fingers crossed for the few hanging in there in the Fall. So born from that void is my website!!!